A selection of significant Capacity Building projects undertaken by EDG is outlined below.

Capacity Building in the Field of Energy within Local Government in Uganda

EDG in collaboration with ESDA have been contracted to provide assistance to the Ministry of Local Government in an EUEI Partnership for Dialogue Facility project.  The project aims to raise the awareness of energy issues within the office of the District Planner and technical staff at all levels of Local Governments.  In order to achieve this, the Guidelines for the preparation of the rolling District Development Plans are being revised in order to integrate electrification and modern energy services into the DDPs. Client: European Union Energy Initiative – Partnership for Dialogue Facility

Bujagali hydro Power Project Mitigation Measures – Electrification of Project Affected Villages 

EDG collaborated with IED on behalf of the Agence Française de Développement to assess the viability of a proposed AFD loan for additional mitigation measures for the Bujagali Hydro Power Project.  The study involved an assessment of the potential viability of extending the electricity distribution networks to provide electricity to the villages affected by the hydro scheme.  Detailed routings of proposed 33 kV lines were developed along with costs estimates of the proposed extensions.  Estimations of connection numbers in each community were also made.  Capacity building and supporting activities were identified and costed and a detailed implementation plan developed. Client: Agence Française de Développement

ENABLE: Building Capacity in Energy in the Health, Education and Water Sectors in the EAC

EDG was working on the ENABLE project (funded by the European Commission) which aims to promote linkages between the energy sector and the health, education and water sectors within the countries of the EAC.  The ENABLE project has undertaken detailed consultations with key-stakeholders in each country and has been working closely with UNDP to assist with the identification of actions that need to be taken in order to address targets identified in the EAC’s Regional Energy Access Scale-up. Client: European Union, Coopener Programme