EDG's background is in engineering, applied science, urban and regional planning and training and have experience in research, engineering consulting and contracting, urban planning, low-income housing development, education and training, computer programming and power electronics. We have postgraduate degrees in energy and development studies and urban and regional planning and offer many years of experience working in these areas. 


EDG works in association with a number of organisations and individuals with expertise in aspects of development work. These associates cover fields such as rural water provision, participatory development planning, institutional capacity building and human resource development. The members and associates together offer a comprehensive range and depth of experience. 


EDG was formed in 1992. Much of the impetus for the formation of EDG arose from the need for consultancy services and implementation capacity in development work. In view of the general lack of these skills in the country, it was felt that the establishment EDG would make these resources more widely available an extend national capacity in the area. 

Since its inception, EDG has undertaken numerous significant projects in nine different Southern African countries and has acted as the principal consultant on several multi-million rand projects. 


EDG has extensive experience in the development and integration of conventional and renewable energy strategies on an international level.  This includes drawing up the necessary rules and regulations required to enable this integration into the other sectors with energy needs (e.g. water, health, education).  It also includes implementation and technical assistance, project design, field surveys, market research, forecasts, statistical analysis and environmental assessment as well as analysis of costs between possible fuel types and grid-connection versus stand-alone alternatives to devise strategies for implementation.