Energy & Development (EDG) is an international consultancy with experience in energy policy, rural development initiatives, renewable and rural energy project management and implementation. The company was established in 1992 to provide high quality consultancy services in the energy and development sector to address the backlog in provision of services. EDG promotes access to energy services for sustainable development.  EDG has a reputation for sound, un-biased and high-quality work. 

The company specialises in energy engineering, energy efficiency and development issues and the impacts of energy provision on rural poverty. The company also maintains a strong focus on the economic, financial, commercial and environmental issues relating to energy provision. The staff of EDG have worked on energy projects around the world and aim to consolidate that experience within the African context. 

EDG has technical expertise covering a range of renewable energy technologies including mini/micro-hydro, solar PV systems, solar thermal, wind, biomass and renewable energy hybrid systems with diesel and cogeneration. EDG works with both national and international agencies and maintains strong links with a number of international consultancies.